For God So Loved The World

Excerpt from the forward in MEAT SHEEP SHEPHERD MANUAL by Ron Taber

For God So Loved The World

Congratulations! You are a sheep owner or want to be. Imagine the depth of the historical tradition in which you follow. Moses, whom God chose to lead His people and present the Ten Commandments was a shepherd. The Father of Faith, Abraham, was a shepherd. Jacob, the Father of Israel was an innovative sheep breeder. David the King was a shepherd. Christ the King of Kings is both a lamb and a shepherd to those who hear His voice.

The God of the universe chose the lamb to be the sacrifice for sin. By the sacrifice of a spotless lamb on the Day of Atonement, the High Priest of Israel was able to enter the Holy of Holies and worship God. By the carrying of a second lamb out into the desert to die (the scapegoat) the sins of the people were symbolically banished.

But that was only symbolic of the great sacrifice which was to come. When Jesus Christ, the Messiah who was fully God and fully man, was sacrificed for our sins the symbolism ended. He was the perfect lamb who was slain as an offering to God for our sin. God?s determination to punish the sin of those who possess faith alone in Christ alone is satisfied by that blood shed. There is now peace with God for those who believe.

It is my prayer that those who read this book will meditate on the central truth of Christianity, that Jesus Christ died as our substitute. Please consider the gift of life and the sacrifice of Christ while being the good shepherd of your flock.

Ron passed away on September 6, 2004, of cancer. He was a blessing to many, and a wonderful shepherd to his flock. He is with the Lord. His book, The Meat Sheep Shepherd Manual, will be available in January, 2015.